Stoma Care B. Braun Proxima 2 Drainable Pouches

  • $330.00

The Proxima® 2 drainable 2-piece pouches have to be used with a Proxima® 2 or Proxima 2+ base plate of corresponding size. The pouches present a large outlet for ileostomy or colostomy stools evacuation.

  • Odor proof plastic film + washable micro perforated backing material on the skin side of the pouch
  • Pouch capacity: 740 ml for diameter 50 mm (ISO 8670-2)
  • Transparent for vision control
  • Large drainable outlet of 7 cm for easier pouch emptying (ileostomy or colostomy stools) and cleaning of the outlet

Pack size: box of 30 units

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